You Won Your Lemon Law Case! Now What?

Congratulation! You fought the good fight with the lemon car dealer and emerged victorious. This means the troublesome car that kept breaking down is officially gone. But what happens after you have won the case under the lemon law in Tennessee? In this blog, let us take a look at what you can expect after a win.


1) Taking Home the Victory


  • The choice is yours: 


The manufacturer has two options: They can offer you a full refund or replace your car with another model. This means a car with similar features and value.


  • Full refund: 

This refund should include everything you paid for the car initially. This includes the purchase price and taxes. It should also include registration fees and any finance charges.


  • Replacement: 

If you choose a replacement, the manufacturer should provide a car that’s roughly the same value and has similar features. You shouldn’t be downgraded!


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2) Beyond the Car


  • Reimbursement for expenses: 

The trouble with a lemon car can go beyond the purchase price. You might have incurred towing costs and rental car fees. There can also be repairs you paid for out of pocket. Winning your case under lemon law in Tennessee may entitle you to a refund for these expenses.


  • Attorney fees: 

Law cases are typically handled on a contingency basis. This means your lemon law attorney in Tennessee doesn’t get paid unless you win. The manufacturer may be responsible for covering your lawyer fees if you win. This means you can save your money.


3) The Process


  • The waiting game:

Don’t expect to drive away with a check or a new car right after winning. There will likely be some paperwork and processing involved. You can hire lemon law lawyers in Tennessee to help you with the procedure. It is important that you be patient. But don’t hesitate to follow up with your lawyer. This is if things seem to be taking too long.


  • Know your rights: 

Even after winning, it’s important to understand the terms of your settlement. You need to make sure you are comfortable with the specifics before finalizing anything.


4) Tips for the Road Ahead:


  • Gather receipts: 

If you’re expecting a refund for expenses, you need to keep all your receipts handy. It can make the process smoother. It can also help your lemon law attorney in Tennessee to present your case in court. This can ensure you get everything you’re entitled to.


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  • Preserve all records: 

You need to keep records of the dates and times of repairs. It would help if you recorded the conversations you had with the dealer. Keeping documents of everything related to your car’s issues can be helpful throughout the case.


5) Moving On: 

This whole experience might leave a sour taste in your mouth. However, remember, you won! Now, you can use the refund or replacement to get a reliable car you can trust.


In short

These were some of the formalities after you have won your case under the lemon law. The manufacturer can give you a replacement or refund. You need to make the appropriate choice based on the scenario. The manufacturer also has to pay the court and the expenses of lemon law lawyers in Tennessee. Don’t expect immediate payment from the dealer. This is because there is some paperwork you need to fill out.


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